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There are currently over 294,000 Dental Assistants employed in dental practices across the US, each of them performing the importantdentalassisting clinical andadministrative tasks that keep dentists' offices running smoothly. From cleaning and maintaining patients' teeth to ensuring the safe handling of their medical records, the role of a Dental Assistant is integral on every level of dentistry.

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Becoming a Dental Assistant is an excellent investment in your future. Dental Assisting employment rates are projected to increase by 29% in the next ten years, so people with Dental Assistant training are expected to be in high demand. Your investment provides career opportunities for both today and the years ahead.

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Acquire the skills necessary to be proficient in the dental field. The Great Grand Rapids School of Dental Assisting goes a step above and prepares  you with networking techniques, a professional resume, writing ability, and interview strategies. Dental Assistant positions are available in many job markets nationwide. The highest qualified candidates experience the greatest demand. As a graduate from our program, you will find that local employers in every city seek the skills you possess.

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Classes start in September 2013

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